First Day Jitters

When you think of first day jitters, you think of the children coming into the classroom who may be nervous for a myriad of very valid reasons.

What about educators? They are in charge, why would they be nervous?

Don’t think for a minute that educators don’t have anxiety and excitement over the new school year or develop a good case of the first day jitters. We do. We – in fact – get anxious and excited for some reasons that are quite similar to the students we serve. No matter how many years we have been in the game the anxiousness remains the same.

Whether we are just starting out as a teacher, new position, or like myself working with new staff  (or you are new to them), educators can develop serious anxiety and excitement that can make the night before the first day of school quite tense.  I know numerous thoughts and worries rush through my mind. I worry if I am prepared, wondering if students and staff will like me, what happens if things go wrong, but most importantly as I grow older I deeply ponder what type of legacy will I create and build with others?

The excitement of the first day, however, always outweighs the anxiety.  I’m excited to meet and build relationships with a new set of students, staff, and families, and hope they understand I believe they can achieve anything.

I’m ready to begin the process where we try, fail, and try again as we work together to meet academic and social emotional needs.  I am prepared to take ownership when we have missteps along the way that may cause failure. However, through careful reflection, make adjustments and try again a different way until we achieve. 

I look forward to the moments of laughter, growth, hugs, high-fives, fist bumps, and most of all when the light bulb goes off for those aha moments!  I know the school and community which I am blessed to serve has everything in place to educate and inspire our students. Now it is up to me to be the change I want to see in the world. But first, I have to find my keys to drive to work :-).

PS: This blog was inspired by my anxiety and excitement for new beginnings.  Day 1 of 176 begins. Think about what legacy you want to create for your students and/or staff for this year!.In the words of one of my favorite speakers and author Hamish Brewer (@brewerhm), Be Relentless!  Check out his book: Relentless: Changing Lives by Disrupting the Educational Norm.

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