The Gift of Teaching

Teaching is a Work of Heart. That’s one of those cliché’s, isn’t it? It’s been said a thousand times about our profession. It’s printed on t-shirts and plaques and bumper stickers and posters. You can find it on calendars and pencils and phone cases and even on billboards. The words make for great PR when someone wants to butter us up and get our votes, or when they want to placate us in times of confrontation. Here’s the truth though: Teaching IS a work of heart. It’s a gift. We’ve been offered the most amazing blessing…the honor of touching the precious lives of thousands of boys and girls, and young men and women.

It is often said that a teacher is a like a candle who consumes themself to light the way for others. They are a person who trains us, educates us about the customs of a civic society, and helps us to grow into responsible and honorable citizens. In addition to the standardized curriculum, a good teacher also tries to boost their student’s thinking skills and knowledge. They try to stimulate their learning capacities and interests with the aim of making a winner out of each one of them. Such is the importance and significance of a teacher in the life of every human being.

Personally I have had an opportunity to witness how “teaching is a work of heart,” by being raised in a household with two full time teachers (my parents).  I had the opportunity to witness the countless hours my parents put in outside of school hours to reach and touch the lives of their students.  I witnessed my mother build community and relationships in her first grade classroom each year by cooking Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts for her students and their families.  I witnessed my father spend hours after work mentoring the young men at his high school on how to invest and save their money to prepare for their future. To this day when I come home to visit and I’m out with them shopping they have former students who come up to them thanking them for all that did to help mold and shape them into the adults they have become.

Our influence as teachers is eternal. Thank you all for sharing your many talents and gifts with our children! Focus on how important you are this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

PS: This post is inspired by many of the wonderful teachers that I have encountered throughout my childhood years and as an adult.  One of my greatest influences being my parents. Thank you for being great role models and teachers not only to myself and my brother, but to those children (now adults) who were fortunate to grace your classroom seats. Thank you for sharing your gift.  #iambecomingwhoiambecauseofyou

My parents, John and Lydia Henson.  Thank you for sharing and bestowing your gifts unto myself and others.

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