So I Think I Want To Blog…

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Have you ever thought of a great idea?  Excited to try it, but when it came time to implement, got stuck or thought ,”What in the world have I gotten myself into?”  OR better yet just stared off into space thinking ” I could do or say this?”  OR thought, “Life would be so much easier, if I just had someone do this for me.”  Welcome to my world of starting a blog!  Why do this to myself? I’m not a writer, I’m nobody important, and I’m not a big time educational mastermind.  However, I am passionate about education! I’m passionate about sharing educational tips, tricks, and tools to inspire fellow educators and those who are interested in the world of education.  My hopes in the creation of this blog is for you to join me on a journey of aspiring to inspire others in the world of education! Let’s get ready to share, connect, create, and inspire one another!  

PS: Thank you Mandy Froehlich for inspiring me to step out on faith to start blogging during your ISTE 2018 blogging presentation.  Check out her amazing blog Leadership, Innovation & Divergent Teaching.  


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